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Categories of services - simple organisation.

The organizational structure of the categories in the app and on the website is such as to give you an easy and simple overview. All app users are enabled to set which categories / sub-categories they want to receive notifications for. If you would like to add your services to any of our categories, feel free to contact us. If the appropriate category does not exist, it can be created very fast.

Notifications. Inform yourselves about the current happenings..

Learn about all the happenings in your neighborhood, city or favorite location right away. If you have enabled location on your phone, You will get a notification about all the discounts in your area, sales, guest bands, etc.

Be a part of the team, Grad na dlanu

We will also present you with any of our advertisements! Become a user of our services and present your business in the best way. Enable the users of our site and app to evaluate your work and with it to leave the best recommendation to your future clients. Be assured that with us, you will acquire new users of your products or services.

Marketing. Immediate information to your customers.

You decided to promote a product (reduced price of drinks, food, clothing, footwear ...)? Send a notice to all prospective clients close to you in the fastest and most convenient way possible.